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Anderson's Warehouse Furniture is proud to announce the arrival of our new website. We have tried to use photos of the inside of our store to give you an idea of the tremendous amount of inventory we have on-hand, ready to be delivered to your home, especially if you haven't been in to see us lately.
We have broken the website into different parts to hopefully allow you to easily find what you are looking for. We don't have every single item listed or shown individually, but there are many, many photos of the different categories and chances are, you will see something that you have been looking for.
Please browse around and if you see something you want to know more about, either call us at 618-993-6529 or email us at or better yet, just stop in!
Below is a listing of the different fine companies whose lines we carry and if you look to the left, you will see our different categories of furniture, listed as Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms and Miscellaneous (which may encompass some items that are related to more than one category or that don't fit a particular category. Under Store Photos, you will see more overall shots of the store, shown more to show the layout and size of the store with less focus on individual items.
If you have any questions, please ask and we'll do our best to provide a prompt response.

Would you like to join our email list, to receive updates on new arrivals, sales and special offers? Just enter your information in the email box below and we'll keep you informed of all the new and exciting happenings here at the store.



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